Kent State Athletics Annual Report 2015

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Kent State Intercollegiate Athletics

IdeaBase was brought on board for the second year in a row to develop and design Kent State University Athletics' year-in-review/annual report.

The interactive report is designed in HTML/CSS and this year features a single-page design (with supplemental article pages). The design is composed of photos, text and custom icons that match the university's blue and gold branding.

We went through a process of discovery, content gathering, design/architecture and development over a period of five months. 

From a technical perspective, the site utilizes:

  • Jekyll, a static site generator that doesn't require a full content management system
  • Grunt for task running, including image resizing, browser refreshing and code compiling
  • SASS for writing CSS for efficiency
  • CSS animations
  • Image and JavaScript compression and lazy loading for optimal performance

The site launched in September 2015.

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