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Our design services are tailored to you. We support our clients’ design initiatives from the early discovery phase through implementation (or anywhere in between). Whether you’re laying the foundation for your product’s success, or building out and refining your design, we’re here to help. And we do all of this right here locally from our fabulous office space in downtown Kent.


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Discover who your users are and what they are looking for in your product.

We can test the performance and usability of your product on various devices, including virtual reality, in our User Experience Testing Lab. This is a great resource to ensure that your product translates across all platforms.

More about our UX Testing Lab
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Sounds great, how do I get started?

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While our unique business model allows us to deliver high-quality products at an affordable cost, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to individual client needs. We work with our clients upfront to define goals and timelines to ensure that we deliver a great end product within the project’s constraints.

Together, we’ll plan and build something great, and it won’t break the bank. Contact us today and we'll put together a customized proposal for your next project.

The IdeaBase team listened to us, they developed solutions that we never would have thought of and they communicated constantly with us. We felt very much part of the process from start to finish.