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Idea Based: Sean Sabihi

Sean Sabihi is a Psychology major working towards his Bachelor of Science with a double minor in User Experience Design and Marketing, and plans to graduate in 2019. He is a young researcher/designer who aspires to land a career within a large creative agency and be involved in the process of technological innovation. Sean is most interested in human-computer interaction, but is also intrigued in the creative side of marketing and plans to mix the two growing fields down the road. 

Besides working at IdeaBase, Sean is involved on campus as well. He is a member of the Psi Chi Nu academic fraternity, a researcher in Kent State faculty Dr. Chris Was’ psychological lab, a mentor for freshman students in the Kent State Peer Mentor Program, and a tutor for miscellaneous classes on campus. 

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When Sean isn’t drowning in textbooks or taking notes, he enjoys reading, writing, social media, Netflix, and Mexican food. Sean has previously written blogs before, both for on-campus portfolio’s and his sister’s magazine affiliated with The Ohio State University. Check out his post.

Regarding his psychology background, Sean says “I always prided myself on both relating to people and trying to understand influences and motivations behind people’s actions, as weird as that sounds. When you mix that with eye-tracking studies or technology that is so heavily used by my age group, the results are really interesting to me. I’m the first psychology major ever hired here and am surrounded by programmers and designers, so in a way I have a lot to prove.” Sean switched majors from Athletic Training to Pre-Med (psychiatry), and ultimately landed in psychology as the umbrella for his interests. Sean plans on going to graduate school to pursue both a masters and doctorate degree, but is unsure of where.

I’ve probably emailed just about every university in the mid-atlantic region of the U.S. I’m looking at schools in Ohio, Indiana, New York and Pennsylvania, but who knows.

Down the road, however, he hopes to definitely land an internship in New York City with aspirations of possibly living in the city.

I always wanted to live in NYC, so I think a full year of actually living in Manhattan would either make me love it or make me absolutely despise it, and I think I need that to fulfill my curiosity.

At IdeaBase, Sean is involved in usability testing projects with eye-tracking techniques, web design, and aiding in the creative direction of various clients. Sean hopes to one day carry these skills with him to a bigger job in a bigger city, but for now, he’s loving every second here.

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