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Kent Historical Society and Museum

As part of the spring 2018 advanced responsive web design class held at IdeaBase, the IdeaBase team launched a successful rebranded identity and redesigned website for the Kent Historical Society & Museum. The updated brand reflects a modernized look and feel for the museum, launching alongside a responsive website with simplified navigation, better multi-device usability, increased access to historical media and resources and an easy-to-access interface for updating content. Additionally, books, media and photography from the museum are ready to purchase through an integrated online store. The website and new branding launched in July 2018.

Contributors from the Advanced Responsive Web Design course: Paul Birkholtz (Back-End Developer), Lisa Cook (Visual Designer), Nicole Cramer (User Experience Designer), Amrita Datta (Visual Designer/Front-End Developer), Kenna Gabor (Visual Designer), Trey Gehring (Back-End Developer), Ciara Lillis (Visual Designer/Front-End Developer), Jacob Lisic (Back-End Developer), Jordan Stewart (User Experience Designer), Erik Svensson (Content Strategist)

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