User Experience Testing Lab

We proudly manage our own in-house User Experience Testing Lab. This on-site lab complements our design services by offering clients the ability to test their products using our advanced research equipment. The lab is operated by an experienced User Experience Designer and a team of graduate students from Kent State’s renowned User Experience Design master’s program.

Eye Tracking Usability

We offer both traditional desktop eye tracking as well as wearable eye tracking technologies from Tobii. Eye tracking allows our user experience designers to closely study your product to see exactly where users are (and aren’t) looking. Using this measurable data, we’re able to suggest user experience improvements that help your users complete their goals faster and easier.  

Our eye tracking software can produce stunning visualizations, including heat maps and gaze plots, to help you communicate your findings to your stakeholders. It’s also a great tool for academic research. In fact, IdeaBase was featured in a national study on multimedia journalism by the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Introducing Tobii Glasses 2

For the first time, we’re able to accurately conduct testing on mobile devices, including phones and tablets, and environmental designs, such as store displays and product packaging using the state of the art Tobii Glasses 2. 

Tobii Glasses 2
Tobii Glasses - the latest addition to the UX Testing Lab
Conference Room Space
Our full-size conference room is perfect for conducting focus groups and viewing broadcasts from our UX Lab

In-Person and Remote Usability Testing

We offer task-based usability studies that are conducted in-person by our research team.  We’re also able to conduct remote user research using a variety of online tools.  Our team can assist with recruiting, writing testing scripts and analyzing testing results.

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Virtual Reality Tools

Immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and 360 degree video give us new and innovative methods for displaying content like never before.  Our UX Lab includes many popular technologies for creating, testing and refining virtual experiences, including:

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360 Degree Cameras can help creative immersive virtual experiences, including virtual tours

Open Device Testing Lab

With a variety of mobile devices on the market, it’s critical that your website or app translates across platforms and offers a consistent user experience. That’s where our Open Device Lab comes in.  With on-site access to many of the most popular devices (and expanding), our lab is a great place to test for bugs and implement fixes.

Partnering with Open Device Lab, our clients can now schedule a time to use our device lab at no charge!

We currently offer access to the following devices:

If you'd like to come in and use the lab, just contact us by email, phone or via the form below. Have an old device that you’re no longer using? Donate it to our non-profit agency using the following form.

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