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How to Make Your Employer Fall in Love in 30 Days

For this month’s blog post, IdeaBase spoke with CEO of Dix & Eaton, integrated communications and public relations firm, Chas Withers to learn how to make an employer fall in love with you in 30 days.

Submitting the Application 

It's all about descriptions in your resume.

  • Many employers are looking for a specific set of skills os it is important to include key words that show you are trained and capable of doing the job. 
  • Sending a follow-up email is also an important part of the application process. Employers look at communication style and professionalism from the beginning correspondence. Every interaction you have with the company matters. 

"Put yourself in the shoes of the employer and think 'how can I be impactful and add something to this organization?'," Withers said. "Use that to motivate all of your communication." 

Going in for the Interview 

  • Always wondering what to wear? Dress a bit fancier than you initially plan. There's nothing wrong with being over-dressed.
  • When you first walk in, employers know you're nervous, but it is important to let go of that nervousness so a real conversation can take place. Withers said he loves to laugh during interviews and engage with potential employees in a way that is real. 
  • Before the interview, do your research about the company. If you don't know the company's mission, how can you prove that you'd be a great asset to the team? When researching, also take a peak within yourself. Withers loves to ask about passions and strengths during interviews. The worst thing you can do is say you don't know what you are passionate about. 

Surviving Orientation 

Your first week on the job is time to ask questions, connect the dots and speak to EVERYONE. Communication agencies like Dix & Eaton are in the business of building relationships. Quickly gaining the trust of your colleagues can prove that you are there to stay. Ask a lot of questions and take notes. 

  • Withers explained that orientation is a time to learn a lot of information very quickly. Employees who show genuine interest, willingness to learn and understanding of their training are the impressive ones.

Side note: talking to "higher-ups." 

When the CEO of the company approaches you as you grab your morning coffee, do not fret. Simply say hello and show off a "can-do" attitude

  • At companies like Dix & Eaton, you are hired because you're valuable. Withers even admitted that junior employees waltz into his office to discuss his mistakes quite frequently. He enjoys interacting with and learning from everyone in the office 

"People are people. If you've got something of value to say then it shouldn't matter who you're talking to," Withers said. 

Completing Your First Month

By the end of your first month you should have accomplished these things: 

  1. Met most of your colleagues
  2. Discovered how you are an asset to the team
  3. Developed trust with your colleagues
  4. Understand the company's mission and vision
  5. Gain confidence as a working professional 

Your first month is all about understanding, discovery, trust and confidence. For more advice, consider meeting with IdeaBase employees for job-shadowing and networking opportunities. 

Starting a new job comes with a lot of nerves, but you can guarantee a smooth transition with these special steps offered by Chas Withers. Try them out today to make your employer fall in love with you. 

People are people. If you've got something of value to say then it shouldn't matter who you're talking to.
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