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Good Luck to the Class of 2018

Saturday, May 12, six IdeaBase employees crossed the graduation stage, ready to take on their next chapter of life. These six graduates have spent months, years, creating products for both university and non-university clients. We are sad to see them leave IdeaBase, but excited to see where they will go next.

Ciara Lillis graduated with her degree in Visual Communication Design. She worked as a digital designer at IdeaBase. For many projects, she worked closely with Chris Hallahan. Her favorite project was the Veale Foundation event page, which you can view here. Through all of her experiences in college, she decided that being a graphic designer for a video game company is her ultimate goal. In the meantime, she will be making a big move to Chattanooga, Tenn. to look for design work. Goodluck Ciara!

Our next graduate is our makeup guru, Megan Spisak. She also graduated with a degree in Visual Communication Design. Her biggest design project at IdeaBase was the Kent State Athletics Annual Report. “Even though it was a long project, it was amazing to see the finished project after such hard work,” said Megan. She will continue to work as a freelance designer, photographer and makeup artists after graduation.

Grace Harms, our Art Director, also graduated on May 12 with her degree in Visual Communication Design. Throughout her college career, Grace juggled multiple jobs and internships to gain experience in design. She even served as Director of Art for Kent State’s fashion magazine, A Mag. She worked closely with our creative director, Lisa Cook, throughout her time at IdeaBase.

Our only non-VCD graduate is Alex Longwell. He graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems and worked as a Web Developer for IdeaBase. He is well-experienced in project management. Learn about his experience here. His passion for project management really came through while working on a complete web redesign for DuraEdge.

“While I feel extremely prepared and excited about my future, I will certainly miss being a web developer at IdeaBase.” Alex has already accepted a position at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the Information Services Division Rotational program.

Another Visual Communication Design graduate is our creative Austyn Benyak. From his bio, to his design, Austyn always surprised the staff with his creativity and comedy. He worked on a major project for the Kent State Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services office. He was tasked with creating an interactive design to represent “tearing down the stigma” around reporting sexual assault. Austyn specifically enjoys typography and even compares it to Levi Jeans.

Our final graduate is Emily Prusak. She received her degree in Visual Communication Design and worked as a Graphic Designer at IdeaBase. Emily is most interested in branding and identity design. Uniquely, she wants to incorporate illustrative touches to her designs, including hand-done type.  Her biggest project at IdeaBase was the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Annual Report.

We wish each of our graduates the best in their next chapter. Wherever they go, wherever they work, they are always welcome to come back and see us at IdeaBase. Congratulations and good luck!  

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