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Collaboration Takes Work

For the month of January, IdeaBase decided to focus on the quote “teamwork makes the dream work.” With a new year and new talented team members, the quote was perfect to help usher in 2018.

As IdeaBase grows, we welcome new majors from across the university. For 2018 we’ve welcomed public relations, computer science, digital media production and user experience design majors. These students have a wide variety of interests and personalities.  It is essential for IdeaBase leaders to not only provide great products for clients, but to also help each of these students grow. One part of growth is learning the art of collaboration. Quickly, we’ve learned that collaboration does not happen over night, so we reached out to industry leaders for advice.

Ben Brugler, president of Akhia Public Relations Inc, explained that collaboration takes work. It is essential to make every single team member feel confident about their role and the work they are doing. Brugler says to ask the following questions:

  1. Does the whole team believe in the direction?
  2. Do they know their role on the project?
  3. Do they feel valued?
  4. Are they bringing value?
  5. Is there open communication?
  6. Is there trust in that communication?

With these questions in mind, IdeaBase continues to move forward as a team. As a student team, we have unique concerns, such as scheduling and ensuring academic success. Constant email communication and the use of apps such as Basecamp help the team stay on top of projects.

Basecamp provides a lot of interaction for our staff. As projects are in progress, each contributing member can post different elements for immediate evaluation.

“Basecamp is awesome in group critiques for digital and web pieces because others can bring it up on their personal computers,” Betsy Garwood, designer, said.

Shane Alesi, account manager, agreed the accessibility of Basecamp adds to collaboration.

“Working together is vital to our success on projects.,” Alesi said, “With Basecamp, our team can work together without actually being in the same room.”

Teamwork is our “major key,” in the words of DJ Khaled.

Many of the staff members see the diversity at Ideabase as an opportunity. It provides a chance to create a better product for the clients because each team member brings a unique talent.

“There is no limit on the amount of ideas and effort that we all put in not only for our clients but for each other,” Sean Sabihi, user experience designer, said.

Let’s see how 2018 brings us new obstacles and successes as a collaborative student-powered design agency.

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