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Saying "See Ya Later" to Graduating Seniors

This December, IdeaBase will watch three remarkable seniors graduate. These seniors, Mikey Bechtel, Gilson Dos Santos and Sydney Bonnell have contributed unique work to IdeaBase.

The backgrounds of these seniors really speaks volumes about the collaborative work at IdeaBase Kent. Bechtel is graduating with a degree in advertising; Dos Santos is graduating with a degree in computer science and Bonnell is graduating with a degree in finance and business management. Each brought unique skills to their positions within IdeaBase.

Bechtel worked as an Account Manager this semester. In his role, he learned how to work efficiently and effectively with people of different backgrounds. His favorite projects include the College of Podiatric Medicine view book and Kent State Athletics. Bechtel’s biggest accomplishments include his work with internal relations. Over the course of three months, he was able to increase engagement on Facebook by 43% and engagement on Twitter by 68%. With his success in college, Bechtel hopes to get out of Ohio to explore the world of communications.

On the other hand, Bonnell will be staying close to home. She has already accepted a full-time accounting position in her hometown of Bluffton, Ohio. Bonnell is one of few business majors working in the office. This semester she worked as the Student Business Manager where she learned organization is key. While she didn’t work on any projects specifically, Bonnell was able to interact with clients and projects. She was most impressed with the web design the team created for the owners of Treno.

Website redesign also impressed Dos Santos. He said his favorite project was working on the Kent City School website design because he was able to see every stage of development. Dos Santos’ hometown is definitely the farthest on the team. He is from Praia Cape Verde, a country on the west coast of Africa. Dos Santos considers himself a dreamer and from IdeaBase he learned there is no limit on what he can achieve. Post-graduation, Dos Santos is searching for a job in a software company to keep gaining more experience and achieving his dreams.

All of our graduating seniors prove diversity in the workplace creates remarkable results. Difference in majors, hometowns, personalities and positions made this graduating classes’ experience unique and rewarding. Congrats Mikey, Sydney and Gilson! You’re always welcome at IdeaBase Kent!  

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Mikey Bechtel worked closely with Director Kristin Dowling during his years at IdeaBase.
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Sydney Bonnell oversaw the finances for many projects and also took time to socialize with the staff.

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