What IdeaBase Has Taught Us - Spring Graduates

This spring IdeaBase has 13 students graduating; the most we’ve ever had at one time. Over the past couple of years, working at IdeaBase has brought this group closer together. IdeaBase continues to help unite students from design, advertising, communication, computer information systems, business, and user experience design. The graduating students left us with some final thoughts about IdeaBase.

Videographer Todd Thompson is graduating this spring, but will be continuing his education online, working toward a Master’s Degree in User Experience Design. Todd said the most valuable lesson he’s learned working at IdeaBase is, “that there is so much more to a job than showing up and doing your work. It is constantly learning and building relationships with the people around you.”

Sarah Holzer is graduating with a degree in Visual Communication Design. After graduation, she is going to work at American Greetings as a pattern designer. Sarah said, “I learned the importance of loving who you work with and being in an environment where you feel comfortable enough to ask questions.”

Rachel Kozy is also graduating with a degree in VCD. She is moving to Columbus after graduation and will be working at Minds On. Rachel said IdeaBase taught her, “how a design agency works” and she enjoyed, “getting the experience to work with various clients on a wide variety of different projects.”

When it comes to final words about IdeaBase, Rachel said, “It’s one of the very best experiences/opportunities I've had in all my four years at Kent! I love the people, work and place.”

Designer John Vrhovnik is another graduate of the VCD program. He said the most valuable lesson IdeaBase taught him is, “understanding the job world and how to transition myself from a student to a full-time employee.”

It’s one of the very best experiences / opportunities I've had in all my four years at Kent! I love the people, work and place.

Another designer, Mario Fasolo, is also graduating from the Visual Communication Design program. Like Rachel, Mario is moving to Columbus and working at Blackletter. IdeaBase taught him a lot about self discipline. He said, “A lot of the projects force you to be responsible for getting things done on your own, so you have to learn how to motivate yourself to get work done ahead of time.”

Account Manager Courtney Kaminksi is graduating this spring with a degree in Advertising. She said the most valuable lesson she learned from IdeaBase was to be flexible. Courtney said, “Sometimes things change with only a moments notice. Clients cancel or they want a project finished faster. It's important to go with the flow and handle things as they come at you.”

Courtney had a few final thoughts to add about her work experience. “IdeaBase gives students an idea of how a real-world advertising agency works. You get real clients with real projects and have real responsibilities you are accountable for. It’s something all CCI students should experience before they graduate,” she said.

Robin Tucker is also graduating with a degree in Advertising. She worked as an Account Manager at IdeaBase for two years. After graduation, Robin is moving to Lakewood, Ohio and completing an account services internship at Doner. Robin said, “IdeaBase has given me a nice glimpse into the real world. I have learned so many account service skills that I would have never learned in a classroom. I loved the work environment at IdeaBase, and it really helped me hone in on what exactly I wanted to do within advertising.”

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IdeaBase Group Shot. Photo Credit: Todd Thompson

As for final words, Robin would like to add, “IdeaBase is a great experience for any CCI student! There is so much more to learn beyond the classroom. Also, I have gained so many wonderful friends from IdeaBase that I may have never met otherwise.”

Creative Director, Quintin Steele, is graduating with a Master's Degree in VCD. He learned a few great lessons from working at IdeaBase. "Make a schedule and stick to it. A good creative brief is key, and everyone can bring something to a project," said Quintin.

Additional IdeaBase graduates for the spring/summer 2016 semesters include Chris Uhler (User Experience Design), Victoria Ripepi (Communication Studies), Callie Sullivan (User Experience Design), Trang Vu (Accounting), and Martha Arbogast (Visual Communication Design). IdeaBase's high school intern from Bio-med Science Academy, Trista Finch, is also graduating.

Overall, IdeaBase is sad to be losing such a great group of students, but we know the next bunch will be just as awesome. We strive to provide our students with real-life agency experience, which we hope pays-off when students enter the workforce. This is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later!

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