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Virtual Reality Is Here at IdeaBase!

Over the summer IdeaBase acquired five fully functional Samsung Gear Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. The headsets were purchased by the College of Communication and Information (CCI) to help IdeaBase provide a new form of technology to its clients, while also offering CCI students at Kent State University a chance to work with this new exciting type of technical platform. Several VR kits have been set up and tested over the last few weeks by IdeaBase staff members Alex Longwell, Dylan Palchesko, and Christopher Hallahan. Alex was so enamored with the new VR systems he was quoted saying: "I was really impressed with how easy the interface is. There’s a lot more content than I thought there would be."

“I was really impressed with how easy the interface is. There’s a lot more content than I thought there would be.”

How does it all work?

Virtual Reality allows one to interact with a completely immersive, 360-degree experience through the use of a headset. The CCI VR kits come with more than just the headgear inside. The case includes one 360-degree camera (either a RICOH THETA S or a 360fly 4K), Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone that enables the included Oculus software, Samsung Gear VR headset, and required cables. In addition, the case also has a list of the equipment provided and a link to documentation on how to set up and use everything.

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User experience (UX) participants come into IdeaBase to test and demo the immersive experience of the new virtual reality equipment Ideabase has.

Available to rent for students!

In addition to the equipment housed at IdeaBase, students from CCI can rent out the equipment from the Student Resource Lab (SRL) in Franklin Hall, Room 124, at no charge. Students also have the ability to rent out a tripod to use for recording video, as well as external microphones. This provides a better recording experience when using the equipment. It is also recommended that students reserve the equipment before going to the SRL. This can be done up to three days in advance either in person or by calling the Student Resource Lab or online at: www.library.kent.edu/srlbooking.

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UX group meets to test the 360 recording ability of the 360fly camera on their phones.

Why use the virtual reality equipment?

Students can rent out the equipment for use in class-related projects and assignments. The ability to use this brand new form of technology provides a great opportunity for Kent State students to have a chance to interact with and use a form of technology that will potentially be the next popular platform of media all over the world prior to graduation. Other practical uses for the VR kits could be: club projects, video sharing on social media, personal use/experimentation, student media reporting and even recording live events.

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Students test out equipment at IdeaBase for user experience demonstration. This and all other featured photos were taken by our staff videographer: Matt Garofalo
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