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Being an Account Manager at IdeaBase: Robin Tucker

My name is Robin Tucker, and I am an Account Manager for IdeaBase. My major is Advertising and I have a minor in Marketing. As an Account Manger, my duties are to keep in touch with clients, take notes, do invoicing, and work at the reception desk. I’m also allowed the opportunity to do some copywriting and editing.

I love working as an Account Manager for IdeaBase because it’s such a great work environment. Honestly, I’m not sure what I want to do with my Advertising degree. At the moment, I’m interning for Cincy Event Planning. My internship with Cincy Event Planning is off to a great start! I’m excited to plan my first Ronald McDonald House event for them in the spring. It’s nice to be getting experience in different fields. It gives me a lot to think about for the future. In time, I think I will be able to narrow my career choices down and find the best fit for me.

Beyond working and school, I enjoy doing yoga, cooking, and blogging. I have a blog on WordPress where I discuss my idea of how to live a happy, healthy life. Some of my posts discuss mental health, yoga, and clean eating. I love writing, and a blog is a great way for me to express myself. Cooking is also something I have always enjoyed, but recently I’ve started eating clean. So it’s been interesting learning how to cook clean. Clean eating is basically eating as close to nature as possible, or as little processed foods as possible. Clean eating is a great way to get your health back on track! I’m still a college student though, so I enjoy some pizza and cookies in moderation.

I’ve been working for IdeaBase since August of 2014. I have already seen so much growth in the agency. It’s amazing what students are capable of with the help of some great managers. I think IdeaBase is fairly unique. I don’t know how many other colleges have student-run creative agencies. I like that I’m working in an office in downtown Kent versus on campus. And I know what I’m learning now at IdeaBase will be pertinent for my future career, whatever it may be.

Currently, I am working on projects for Summa and NEOMED. I am the Account Manager for both of these accounts. I will also get to do some copy-editing for Summa. IdeaBase is creating a diversity report for Summa and doing research for a new website for NEOMED. In regards to NEOMED, I recently attended a business needs analysis meeting. This was very interesting to sit in on and take notes for. I’m excited to do more work for both of these clients.

All in all, I’ve been learning a lot of valuable information, hands on, at IdeaBase. I’m glad to have been given this unique opportunity. It’s also great collaborating with students from different majors. I know what I’m learning at IdeaBase will carry-on into my future career.

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