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Soccer and IdeaBase: Surprisingly Related: Megan Johnson

I’m Megan Johnson, one of the Art Directors at IdeaBase. I’ve been with the agency since May of 2014. My major at Kent State is Visual Communication Design, and along with my studies, I played soccer for Kent for 4 years. Even though I’ve only been with IdeaBase for a year, I’ve already seen so much growth in the agency. The addition of new employees that specialize in different fields, like website design and coding, has really expanded our design possibilities. It has also allowed some of us designers to expand our knowledge about other fields.

Beyond the growth of the agency, the environment at IdeaBase is really great. It’s professional where clients are involved, but amongst the employees it is laid back and fun. We all like to joke around with each other, but we also take our design work seriously and look for good feedback from our peers. It’s just a great atmosphere to be a part of. I like that I can speak candidly and openly with anyone in the office.

Besides my schooling, soccer has been a major part of my life and career at Kent State. Being a student athlete is hard work, but it has taught me so many things. For one, it helped me understand when I need to step up and lead, and when it’s better to follow. It also taught me how to handle people that I might not necessarily get along with, but need to get along with regardless. Lastly, being a student athlete has provided me with some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for, that I might not have met if I hadn’t played a sport here.

My soccer career is actually fairly comparable to working at IdeaBase. From a work standpoint, I learned a lot from athletics that I’ve been able to apply to IdeaBase. To name a few things, I learned how to manage my time properly, collaborate and work well with others, and also learned that being early is being on time, which are all important things to use in the office. From a social standpoint, in both situations I have formed good relationships with interesting and different people that I might not have become friends with otherwise.

Overall, I am glad the time I spent with athletics has been able to translate to my work at IdeaBase, and I hope with future careers as well. With the Kent State’s athletics department as one of my clients, I am able to still keep athletics in my life despite the fact that I no longer play for the school. It’s been great to work with different sides of the athletics department.

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