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Meet Our First High School Intern, Trista Finch

Hello! My name is Trista Finch and I’m currently a senior at Bio-Med Science Academy, the high school that’s in Northeast Ohio Medical University. I first heard about IdeaBase when I was a junior. I was preparing for my Senior Experience, and I was looking for a local creative agency that I could intern for every day of my senior year after my classes. I was nervous and hopeful when I first contacted IdeaBase, but looking back, this place is better than I could’ve ever imagined.

The things I love most about being here would have to be the environment and the people. It’s great to be surrounded by amazing designers who are passionate about what they do and are willing to critique my work and help me become a better designer. IdeaBase is relaxed and fun (while still productive of course) from the music that’s always playing, to messing around with the other students that work here. They’ve never had a high school student be a part of the company, so this is a new experience for everyone. My time here normally consists of working on the branding project that I’m currently in the middle of and getting feedback from the other designers, sitting in on meetings so I can learn more about the business side of the profession, and attending the Responsive Web Design and Glyphix classes.

I’ve learned so much from the people here, everything from programs like Illustrator and InDesign to social skills from being at the meetings and events that are held there. At the moment I’m focusing on design, but I will be shifting to programming later in the year and am eager to broaden my skills there too. I’m ecstatic for college next year, and am planning to pursue a combined degree in Design and Computer Science. I am considering Kent, especially because of the opportunities like IdeaBase that I would have there.

Outside of school and my internship I lead the youth group and volunteer at Passion Community Church, read as many books from as many genres as I can- poetry, horror, fiction, nonfiction, anything I can get my hands on- and in turn I love writing poetry and short stories of my own. Also in the winter I’m in the Ski club at my school and go snowmobiling with my family.

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