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Interning at IdeaBase: Elena Rounsley

Students can gain a lot of valuable, real-life work skills from interning at IdeaBase. I learned how to communicate with clients more efficiently, stay on top of my projects, and fill out client information forms. I also learned how to do some visual design work.

My name is Elena Rounsley, and I am an Account Management intern at IdeaBase. My major is in Applied Communications, and I have a minor in Advertising. I first heard about IdeaBase from a former employee, Evan Bailey.

At IdeaBase I get real-life work experience. I get to work with clients and a creative team. I plan on working in an agency after gradation, so this experience is great before graduation.

Working at IdeaBase compared to other student jobs is quite different. I am a Bartender at Mikes Place, and the money I make as a bartender is great. I don’t receive life experience like I do at IdeaBase, though. I don’t plan on staying a bartender my entire life, so I’m glad IdeaBase has given me work experience directly related to my major.

The work environment at IdeaBase is friendly. Everyone who works at IdeaBase is open to help anyone and answer any questions. It’s the type of environment where you feel welcomed right when you walk in the door.

Working at IdeaBase has prepared me for working in an agency after graduation in many ways. It has taught me how to work with others and connect with people on different levels. I have gained experience in areas I previously knew little about. I have also gotten a taste of what it will be like working in an agency and with a creative team.

After graduation, I will be looking for Account Management positions at different agencies in Charlotte, North Carolina. I will also be applying for sales positions and broadcasting positions. I really want to work in Account Management, but after graduation I am willing to work any position in order to gain more experience.

I don’t necessarily have a dream job, but I will say that my dream is to work somewhere I enjoy going to every day. I want to be able to wake up and get excited to go to work. I also want to be able to take of care of myself and not struggle.

Lastly, I want to thank IdeaBase for giving me the opportunity to work and gain experience at their agency. I appreciate all that they have done for me!

Written by Elena Rounsley

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