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From Wrestling to the Workforce: Mario Fasolo

Hi, my name is Mario Fasolo and I have been a designer at IdeaBase for about one year. I am going to be entering my fifth and final year of the Visual Communication Design program this upcoming fall. I am set to graduate in Spring 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in 2-D Design.

Between working at IdeaBase and attending school full-time, I create coffee drinks as a barista at the nearby coffee shop, Tree City, and post daily design creations on my Instagram. Basically, I believe that I was created to create, and feel that it’s my responsibility to do so.

I would like to be able to easily sum up the kind of work I do at IdeaBase – but I don’t really think it’s possible! I’ve worked on designing websites for Kent State, professors, identities for small businesses, libraries, industrial motors, and most recently, Kent State Athletics.

But no biography would be complete without the most important stepping stone in my career so far, WWE wrestling. At the mere age of 9, I purchased my first design program that was a cheap version of Photoshop, to create small graphics and websites for wrestling message boards. My first official website design, created over 11 years ago on my first computer in fifth grade, is featured above – along with my first attempts in life to create things digitally. They help to serve as a reminder that with practice, anything is possible!

I don’t actually know if I would have gotten into graphic design if I hadn’t spent so many childhood days at the computer because of my short-lived obsession with wrestling that turned into graphic design years later. I had always enjoyed art to an extent, but could never really draw – so the computer was an absolute blessing to me. I knew from fifth grade on that I wanted to be a “graphic designer”, but in reality I had no idea what that actually meant.

Fast forward four years through KSU’s brutal VCD program filled with broken spirits and countless revisions, and I think I actually have some idea of what I’m doing now! The most helpful experiences at IdeaBase would have to be the sheer number of diverse clients I’ve worked with. I can’t specialize in one single style because every client has a different goal and aesthetic that you have to be able to adapt. I wouldn’t seek out designing a really detailed flyer of a vacuum cleaner motor, but I have now done so, and ended up absolutely loving it!

IdeaBase has provided me with an array of interesting projects, and I’m excited to work on as many of them as I can in the future.

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