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Event Planning 101: Victoria Ripepi

Hello, my name is Victoria Ripepi. I am an Interpersonal Communications major who is currently on my 5th year victory lap, but I am set to graduate in May 2016. I am the new event coordinator at IdeaBase.

As long as I can remember, event planning has been an interest of mine. The first event I planned was in 3rd grade when my teacher asked me to help with a parent-teacher-open house. As a 3rd grader, I basically thought I was the coolest person in the world… even though all I really did was set out some flyers, cookies, and juice. But I have enjoyed event planning ever since!

I think I enjoy event planning because I am so organized, I like to fix problems, I work best under pressure, and I like the exciting/nervous feeling you get on the day of the event. A lot of times when I say I want to go into event planning after I graduate people automatically think I mean weddings, but that is not the case. I want to do open houses, launch parties, special-event parties and so on.

Before working at IdeaBase, I interned in the Spring of 2015 for an awesome company called Rebecca Adele PR & Events. I learned so much about myself and event planning there. One major thing I learned was that I didn’t want to go into PR after I graduate (the other career path I considered) and event planning is really what I love and have a passion for.

The owner, Becki, puts on over 10 art shows called the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows all throughout Northeast Ohio. There were over 100 vendors at each event and I helped personally put on 4 shows. I also helped in the launch of a new show line called Bump to Bows- A Mommy Boutique Show.

When it comes to IdeaBase, I actually heard about the agency through one of the managers, Kristin, who is a longtime-family friend. When she told me about IdeaBase it immediately sparked my interest, and when the opportunity for an event coordinator came up, I jumped at it. I really enjoy working here and have already learned so much! IdeaBase is such a fun, encouraging, and helpful work environment. Being new here, whenever I have a question or concern, they immediately do whatever possible to help me. I have also learned so much about what it means working at a design agency and how talented my co-workers are!

As for my personal life, in my free time you can probably find me outside (if it’s nice out), at a mall because I have a deep love for clothes and fashion or hanging out with my two cats. I travel at any opportunity I can; I hope to travel to all 50 states one day!

After graduation I hope to get a job out of state. I am Cleveland born and raised and Ohio will always be home, but I know I need to get out of here and explore more than just my bubble that is Ohio. I like to push myself to always try new things and take opportunities that push me outside my comfort zone because that’ll only make my comfort zone that much bigger.

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