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Design That Makes a Difference: Shauna Maurer

To say I’ve learned a lot at IdeaBase would be an understatement. Not only have I had the chance to design materials for clients, but I also have had the opportunity to work with a team that aligns with the high standards of KSU’s graphic design program. Even if I’m having a bad day before work, the atmosphere at IdeaBase cheers me up. It is a place where everyone can feel welcome to provide ideas to each project, as well as assist each other in the process.

I am a senior graphic design major, with a minor in nonprofit studies. I’m excited to use both of these fields combined, designing for a philanthropic cause in the future. I am interested in bringing people together to make a difference in others’ lives.

I’ve been working with clients at IdeaBase that are in the business of helping people (or informing customers about boating safety, in addition to selling boats). These clients are: Summa Health Systems, Industry Consulting Enterprise and Boat House Marine. Working with these clients has expanded my knowledge about their business initiatives, as well as their preferences for the materials I design.

In addition to the graphic design and philanthropic fields, I also enjoy writing, which comes in handy when writing content for the future nonprofit initiatives. In addition: I enjoy dancing (freestyle of course!), photography, and exploring new places and learning about new cultures.

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