Being a Creative: Rachel Kozy

Hi! My name is Rachel Kozy and I am a senior Visual Communication Design major. I actually just started working as a designer at IdeaBase a couple months ago, but I will be here for the rest of the year! Even when I was a freshman in VCD, I had always heard about Glyphix and IdeaBase, but I never knew if I’d get the opportunity to work here. When I became a junior though, I started noticing all the work IdeaBase was putting out, and it made me really interested in being a part of it!

Before IdeaBase, I had interned at MTV in New York City and Go Media in Cleveland. I’ve also worked as a designer for Kent State University Libraries and I’m currently working as the Art Director for Brainchild and the president of Kent’s collegiate chapter of AIGA.

Working at IdeaBase is seriously the best. I love working here. It has such a great environment and I get to collaborate with the friendliest, nicest people, do work that I’m passionate about, and get paid!

I chose to major in Visual Communication Design because I was really interested in creating things while in high school. I’ve always loved scrapbooking and working on the computer, so graphic design just seemed like the perfect fit. And luckily, it has been! There hasn’t been one day that has passed where I’ve regretted choosing this as my major, and I’m looking forward to continuing my career doing something I love.

The hardest part of my major is probably just making sure not to get burnt out. It’s easy to be overly ambitious and want to work on everything all the time, but that eventually wears you down and you stop looking forward to it. It’s important to take breaks and find other interests, that way you can always look forward to designing rather than it being a chore.

When I’m not busy with work or design, you can probably find me playing video games. I grew up with a brother who constantly played, so I’ve developed a habit of it too. My favorite genre is JRPGS, and my favorite games specifically are Persona 4 and the Tales series.

After I graduate, I’m not entirely sure where I’ll end up, but I’d love to find a position at a design firm or advertising agency! I really want to work with a lot of different clients and brands and I think that’s my best bet for that kind of work.

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