Usability and Eyetracking Studies at IdeaBase

What Is Usability Testing?

Usability Testing is the process of testing interactive products with real users to ensure that they can be used efficiently and effectively to accomplish key goals.

Commonly, usability testing is associated with websites and computer applications, but is used across many other industries and disciplines as well.

If you rely on customers engaging and interacting with your product or website, usability testing is an essential step in the design process.

What Is Eye Tracking?

A heat map, just one point of data analysis in the usability lifecycle, shows areas of fixation on a website.Eye tracking is a specific usability research method for testing the usability and effectiveness of websites, applications or even product packaging.  It typically involves using specialized tracking equipment to measure and follow a user’s eye movements to determine where they are looking (known as a fixation) and for how long.

By gathering this data, a usability expert can help determine areas in the design that could be improved or changed to help the user better reach their goals.

How IdeaBase Can Help

IdeaBase views usability as a critical step in the design lifecycle.  In the past, we have integrated usability studies into web design projects through card sorting, paper prototyping, wireframe testing and eye tracking.  Our team can help determine the best research methods for your project, based on your goals, timeline and product.

Additionally, we are available to set up individual usability and eye tracking studies in support of large projects and client needs.

Our on-site usability testing lab, along with our user experience design research expert, is available for use in your next project.

Learn more about how IdeaBase can improve your product or service through usability and eye tracking by contacting us today.