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IdeaBase Staff: Spring 2015

IdeaBase is a student-staffed, full-service integrated marketing communication firm, located in downtown Kent. Here, top-performing students from Kent State University assemble to solve actual client problems. The team is comprised of Visual Communication Design, Public Relations, Advertising, Computer Information Systems, Digital Sciences, Marketing and Communication Studies students.

Bridging the gap between the classroom and a full- time career experience, IdeaBase connects students to local, regional and national clients. The agency provides advertising, branding, copywriting, identity design, marketing research, web design, usability studies, environmental design services and much more. While IdeaBase runs like an independent company, 
it is part of a thriving university community, adding extra resources to its portfolio of services, like access to a high-definition television studio and specially equipped focus group suite.

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IdeaBase History

Opened in 2009, IdeaBase, formerly the Tannery, was the brainchild of Jim Gaudino, the former and founding dean of the College of Communication and Information. Gaudino worked with the directors from each of the College of Communication and Information schools to develop a mission and vision for a student-staffed organization where students from all four schools — both undergraduate and graduate — could earn hands-on experience to fulfill their integrated communication needs. The founders understood the need to provide their students with the tools necessary to succeed upon graduating, with résumé-worthy experience being key. Students can work on projects under the guidance of a professional staff and two boards of directors, lending strong credibility to the quality of work being produced by the firm.


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