About Us

IdeaBase is a group of Kent State University students eagerly hurling ourselves into the business world looking to make a mark.

We are a student-run integrated marketing communications firm located in downtown Kent, Ohio.

We take students and help turn them into young professionals, ready to be successful.

Wide-eyed and bold as hell, we craft marketing campaigns that stretch the bounds of the industry and exceed the expectations of our clients. With a team of professional advisors, we find success in our work and in ourselves. We are the new generation of the advertising world.

Evan Bailey
Kristin Dowling
Larrie King
Sarah Rutherford

Brendan Bennett
Nico Ciani
Huong Doan
Mario Fasolo
Megan Johnson
Laura King
Ashley Kozak
Matthew O’Neill
Brendon Roberto
Elena Rounsley
Tyler Shaw
Alexandra Taylor
Alanah Timbrook